Kompass Monitors remotely measure environmental parameters and processes using sensor fusion and IoT. The optical multi-parameter sensor systems are used for the permanent in-situ monitoring of relevant limit values in air or water in the application areas:

  • Environmental and climate protection
  • Plant protection
  • Water protection



The Photosynthetically Active Radiation Monitor is a multi-lambda sensor system for monitoring global radiation. It is used in scientific and technical fields of application, such as agriculture, to characterize plant activity or to provide basic information for fertilizer use. Likewise, additional important information can be collected for solar plants or for viticulture.



  • versatile application
  • small and compact design
  • data output via analog interface
  • robustness against rough environmental conditions
  • optionally available with Kompass Sensor Gateway

Evapotranspiration Monitor

The Evapotranspiration Monitor is a complete sensor system for the acquisition of optical properties in the field of environmental monitoring. By using three different sensor technologies (UV-VIS spectrometer, thermopile, broadband photodiode), extensive information about plant activities can be measured, allowing e.g. monitoring of evaporation and transpiration at the field site.



  • 3-in-1 sensor: UV-VIS spectrometer, IR radiation sensor, global radiation sensor
  • compact and waterproof design
  • synchronous measurement of incident and reflected radiation in dual mode
  • reconfiguration of sensor parameters
  • robust against harsh environmental conditions
  • easy sensor integration via serial interface
  • optionally available with Kompass Sensor Gateway

Water Quality Monitor

The Water Quality Monitor is a sensor system for monitoring important water quality parameters in free water. By using various optical sensor technologies, several water parameters can be measured remotely, both qualitatively and quantitatively, such as information on turbidity, nitrate content, temperature and pressure.


  • multi-parameter sensor in the UVA, UVC and NIR range
  • easy integration of additional wavelengths in the VIS range
  • compact and waterproof design
  • data evaluation via PC software and web server
  • integrated radio module (GPRS, W-LAN and Bluetooth)
  • self-diagnosis and automated reconfiguration of sensor parameters
  • robust against harsh environmental conditions