Kompass Detectors recognize substances and their concentration based on optical sensor technologies in combination with highly integrated signal processing. The modern and compact sensor systems are used for the qualitative and quantitative detection of elements and substances in gaseous, liquid or solid ambient conditions in the application areas:

  • Environmental and nature protection
  • Food industry
  • Health care

Fluorine Tracker

The Fluorine Tracker is a smart sensor system for the safe and at the same time simple detection of fluorine in solid substances. The detection of fluorine, e.g. in ski waxes, is made possible by a modern, clean and environmentally friendly technology based on optical sensor principles.



  • compact design and easy operation
  • robust, reliable and temperature resistant
  • fast results within less than 5 s
  • manual and automatic working mode
  • with user-friendly GUI and adjustable parameters
  • self-diagnosis and error detection
  • approx. 5000 measurements per battery set