Kompass Analyzer determine the material properties, the friction behavior or the layer thicknesses of a wide variety of materials, material pairings or lubricated bearings and guides. They are used to simulate the functional behavior of components or systems and thus to ensure or optimize the function with a long operational life in the application areas:      

  • Automotive, rail vehicles
  • Energy supply, wind power plants
  • Plastics industry
  • Food, pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemistry (lacquers, paints)
  • Building materials industry (curing behavior)

Material Analyzer

Kompass Material Analyzer are used to determine the properties of materials, such as the adhesion of hard and soft materials to a sample surface, the penetration resistance / compliance of materials or composites, and the viscoelastic properties of materials with low viscosity.

Adhesion Tackiness Analyzer

The Adhesion Tackiness Analyzer is a 1D force measurement system for the high-precise, reproducible and temperature-dependent determination of the adhesion and tackiness properties of lubricants, greases and other viscous or semi-solid fluids.


  • measurement of the complete indentation and pull-off curve of materials in the mN range
  • calculation of thread length, pull-off force & energy of viscoelastic materials or foods (fats, creams, honey, ...)
  • force, pull-off speed & temperature adjustable
  • small volumes and 15 different samples
  • integrated heating function up to 100°C
  • fully automated measurement process incl. software
  • comprehensive experiment configuration & visualization

Friction Analyzer

Kompass Friction Analyzer are used to determine the friction of material pairings with different elasticity or compliance. The aim is to reduce and optimize friction for a high functional reliability and energy efficiency.

Pin-on-Disc Friction Analyzer

The Pin-on-Disc Friction Analyzer is a 2D force measurement system for the high-precise, universal and load-dependent determination of the coefficient of friction, especially of compliant sample materials such as rubber or elastomers, e.g. in moving seals.


  • control of normal force & measurement of friction force
  • speed, angle of rotation & radius precisely adjustable
  • forces from 100 mN to 10 N, controlled in the mN range
  • optional syringe module
  • fully automated measurement process incl. software
  • comprehensive experiment configuration & visualization
  • low weight and small footprint

Thickness Analyzer

Kompass Thickness Analyzer are used to determine the thickness of very thin coatings, oxide layers or liquid films, especially on metallic surfaces. The ellipsometric measuring method combined with a multi-axis drive system enables automatic measurements to be made.


Coating-on-Rod Thickness Analyzer

The Coating-on-Rod Thickness Analyzer is a 3D ellipsometer measurement system for the ultra-precise, fast and standardized determination of coating thickness on round samples/materials, such as rods or wires.


  • measurement of coating thicknesses in the nm range
  • resolution below 10 nm
  • for coating materials that are transparent in the NIR range (SiO2, organic materials)
  • averaging of up to 1200 measuring points
  • integrated panel PC with Linux operating system
  • simple & fast test procedure with result display
  • compact device for the laboratory environment