Kompass Measurement Systems combine high-precision one-, two- or multi-dimensional drive systems with unique force sensors or optical sensors for measuring a wide range of functional parameters and material properties in the application areas:

  • Automotive, rail vehicles, aerospace
  • Energy supply, wind turbines
  • Plastics industry
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemistry (lacquers, paints)
  • Building materials industry (curing behavior)


1d Measurement

Adhesion Tackiness Analyzer

The Adhesion Tackiness Analyzer is a 1D force measurement system for the high-precise, reproducible and temperature-dependent determination of the adhesion and tackiness properties of lubricants, greases and other viscous or semi-solid fluids.


  • measurement of the complete indentation and pull-off curve of materials in the mN range
  • calculation of thread length, pull-off force & energy of viscoelastic materials or foods (fats, creams, honey, ...)
  • force, pull-off speed & temperature adjustable
  • small volumes and 15 different samples
  • integrated heating function up to 100°C
  • fully automated measurement process incl. software
  • comprehensive experiment configuration & visualization

2d Measurement

Pin-on-Disc Friction Analyzer

The Pin-on-Disc Friction Analyzer is a 2D force measurement system for the high-precise, universal and load-dependent determination of the coefficient of friction, especially of compliant sample materials such as rubber or elastomers, e.g. in moving seals.


  • control of normal force & measurement of friction force
  • speed, angle of rotation & radius precisely adjustable
  • forces from 100 mN to 10 N, controlled in the mN range
  • optional syringe module
  • fully automated measurement process incl. software
  • comprehensive experiment configuration & visualization
  • low weight and small footprint

3d Measurement

Coating-on-Rod Thickness Analyzer

The Coating-on-Rod Thickness Analyzer is a 3D ellipsometer measurement system for the ultra-precise, fast and standardized determination of coating thickness on round samples/materials, such as rods or wires.


  • measurement of coating thicknesses in the nm range
  • resolution below 10 nm
  • for coating materials that are transparent in the NIR range (SiO2, organic materials)
  • averaging of up to 1200 measuring points
  • integrated panel PC with Linux operating system
  • simple & fast test procedure with result display
  • compact device for the laboratory environment