Research and development have a high priority for the Kompass team. This is also reflected in the currently and recently funded Kompass research projects, that are worked on together with our national and international project partners.

Current projects



Communication Sensors for Sustainable Environments

COMSENS+ is an innovative project together with Prof. Jörg Robert from Technische Universität Ilmenau with the aim of researching a new approach for wireless data transmission from sensor networks using the examples of monitoring CO2 emissions from peatlands and nitrate contamination of layered water in agricultural soils.

The funding is provided by the Free State of Thuringia (FTI program) and the European Union (EFRE program).


Near Infrared Coding, Marking and Tracking

NIR-CMT is a research project together with our project partners from Germany (Fraunhofer IKTS) and Korea (Seoul National University, CFC TERAMATE) with the aim of developing new infrared emissive transparent dispersion, its application technology and innovative AI-based sensing system for advanced anti-counterfeiting.

The funding is provided by Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (ZIM program).

Completed projects


Sensor-based electronic system for sustainable use of lubricants in industrial plants


Lube.Life is an innovative approach to predict the behavior of lubricants under difficult operating conditions. Sensor data, predictive online algorithms and simulated analysis data (including from infrared spectrum) are combined and used for an overall evaluation of the lubricant. The pairing of the lubricant with a machine element such as bearings or gears must be perfectly matched over the service life of the equipment. If contamination, difficult environmental conditions or unplanned operating conditions are added, the lubricant can have a potential for damage. The risk for such damage potential is determined online.


High-performance sensor systems by combining silicon technology and ceramic multilayer technology


In the HIPS growth network, Thuringian industrial companies and research institutions are developing novel, robust and highly integrated sensors based on the patented SiCer technology. The aim of the collaborative project is the development and collective marketing of novel sensors based on a unique combination of silicon technology (Si) and ceramic multilayer technology (Cer).

Deep Sea

Optical sensor technology for sustainable use of marine resources

DEEP SEA stands for "Development and Evaluation of Photonic Sensor Components for Coastal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment of Marine Resources". The protection of the world's oceans and the sustainable use of marine resources can only be ensured in the long term through a better understanding of our oceans and marine ecosystems. Seas and oceans play an essential role in food production, but also in energy supply, climate, and the transport of globally traded goods. To ensure a balance between societal development and the long-term protection of our livelihoods, new strategies and technologies are needed to sustainably improve the understanding, assessment and management of natural processes.

Consultancy Funding

Intensive consulting and process support by business consultants

In accordance with the consulting guideline of the Free State of Thuringia, the company Kompass GmbH receives funding to increase performance and competitiveness through consulting by independent management consultants - intensive consulting and process support. The results and recommendations for action are recorded in a consultant report. The funding is provided by the European Social Fund and by the Free State of Thuringia.